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The workout we have come up with today to post is the Wolverine Weapon X Workout! This one is inspired by the physique that Wolverine Weapon X has in the Marvel Comics. Don’t forget that nutrition plays an important role when striving to achieve various fitness and strength goals!

Research process for celebrities/characters/etc:

When we are researching workouts for different anime characters, celebrities, cartoon characters, athletes, politicians, etc… We go through a fairly large deep dive into the data we can find available through books, movies, comic books, interviews, articles that have been written, and we often even reach out to contact the individuals to gather data if at all possible. Then using our education and knowledge we formulate workout information based on what the research and outreach information obtained.

Wolverine Weapon X Stats:

Height: 5’3
Weight: 195 (300+ as Weapon X)
(Information retrieved from Wikipedia.)


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Wolverine Weapon X Workout:

Training Volume:

5+ days

Wolverine Workout Day One: Hunting or Hiking

Workout for Hiking:

Goblet Squats 3×15

10-16 inch step Step-Ups 3  x 30 seconds

Downhill Lunges 50 yards

Hanging Knee Raises 3x 10

Kettlebell Deadlift 3×10

Stairmaster or stairs 20 minutes

Workout for Hunting:

Core: for traversing the rough terrain with a heavy backpack. :

Plank walk out to 5 shoulder tags 2 minutes

Medicine ball around the world 30 seconds each direction

Legs and Lower back:  for packing in gear to scaling the mountain

Barbell Squats 3 x10

Weighted sled.  Struggle with the sled, and excel on the mountain push 30 seconds , pull 30 seconds

Trap Bar deadlift to  strengthen your legs, back, and core 3 x10

Weighted pull ups for  Whether you’re hanging a new set , scaling the final boulder to get to a better vantage point for glassing an opposing mountain range, 3 x 8 or 10

Shoulder press : For Hoisting gear, Hanging tree stand sets. Drawing your bow. Anything at eye level or above uses these muscles. 3×10

TRX or Dumbell Rows 3×10 This exercise is critical for shot execution and being able to stay at full draw

Wolverine Workout Day 2: Lumberjack and Outdoorsman

Workout One: Lumberjack Strength

wood chops with dumbbell or medicine ball

50 each side, 50 straight down 


3 sets, 8-12 reps

Tricep Pushdown/Extensions

3 sets, 8-12 reps

Rowing Machine

5-7 minutes, 30 second intervals


5 sets, 30 seconds each

Farmers Carry

30 feet

Kettlebell Massive Swings

Two minutes, 24 reps

Box Jumps

Two minutes, as many reps as possible (AMRAP)

Kettlebell Clean And Squat

Two minutes, AMRAP


Two minutes, AMRAP

Workout Two: Outdoorsman option using logs and boulder

Bearcrawl 100 feet

Boulder toss 3 x15

Tree Branch pull ups 4 times to failure

Log Squats

3 sets of 10

Incline push ups 60 reps

walking Lunges with log

3 sets of 15 per leg

Log shoulder press

3 sets of 8

Tree Branch Leg raises

3 sets of 15

Wolverine Workout Day Three: Samurai Activity Day

Samurai spent their days practicing their weapon attacks , combat skills , such as jujitsu , meditation, calligraphy , visiting and bathing in Japan’s hot springs. Often times they would spend the evening getting drunk, as well as testing their endurance being scantily clad in sub zero weather.  

While we don’t condone the last 2, use this day to be active.

Go hiking,  spend time outdoors meditate, learn calligraphy, train MMA, do yard work,  hit the sauna or steam room or if you really want to challenge yourself,  take in an ice bath or freezing shower. Either way get creative and take some time to yourself

Wolverine Workout Day Four: Canadian Military Basic Training and World War Two Fitness Test
Canadian Military Basic Training
  • run five kilometers
  • run 2.4 kilometers within an appropriate time (see chart below)
  • complete push-ups with a full range of motion and sit-ups
  • complete a hand-grip test
  • tread water for at least two minutes and swim 20 meters without a life jacket
Age rangeAcceptable range
Under 30 years10:13 – 11:5612:36 – 14:26
30 – 3410:35 – 12:2612:57 – 14:55
35 – 3910:58 – 12:5613:27 – 15:25
40 – 4411:12 – 13:2513:57 – 15:55
45 – 4911:27 – 13:5614:26 – 16:25
50 – 5411:57 – 14:2514:56 – 16:54
55 and over12:27 – 14:5615:27 – 17:24

By the time you complete basic training, you will be able to:

  • complete a 13-kilometer march in full combat gear
  • complete push-up and sit-up tests
  • run up to six kilometers
  • complete swimming tests
  • scale walls and cross ditches
World War II Fitness Test

2 Minutes per exercise. One point given per proper form and range of motion  of each exercise. Choose either indoor or outdoor

1.  Pullups1.  Pullups
2.  Squat Jumps2.  Squat Jumps
3.  Pushups3.  Pushups
4.  Situps4.  Situps
5.  300-yard Run5A.  Indoor Shuttle Run
5A(1).  60-Second Squat Thrusts
Wolverine Workout Day Five: Danger Room Session

Choose either ab circuit (or test your mutant healing factor and try both)

Complete each circuit 3 times!

Snikt pack abs :

Hanging leg raises 15 reps

Hip ups 20 reps

Bicycle crunches 25 reps

Regular crunches 30 reps


Toes to bar 15 reps

Reverse bicycle crunches 25 reps

Mountain climbers 20 reps each leg

Crunches 30 reps

Jab , cross, jab , cross sprawl : 90 seconds

Perform 12-15 reps per exercise


Box jump

Push ups


Circuit training

No rest in between exercises.  Rest 45 seconds between circuit for 3 total circuits

Tuck jumps 20 reps

Bear crawl 20 feet

Pushup to Burpee 5 reps

Pull ups 8 reps

Wolverine Workout Day Six: Spy Workout

In the Intelligence Field, you never know where you are going to be and there’s a good chance you wont be able to find weights or a gym.

One Round For Time:

  • Push ups-31
  • Hindu squats-57
  • Tricep dips-11
  • Sit ups-40
  • Hip thrusts-35
  • Pull ups-5
  • Push ups-20
  • Wall sit for 60 seconds
  • Hip Hinges-25
  • Curl ups- 6
  • Leg lifts-21
  • Pull ups-2
  • Lunges-26
  • Push ups-17
  • Curl ups-3
  • Flutter kicks-225
  • Pike push ups-13
  • Regular squats-27
  • Plank for 60 seconds
  • Push up-15
  • Windshield wiper abs-24
Option B

High intensity workout routine: 30 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, do this 8 times.

  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Star jumps
  • High knees

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