Unorthodox Training Testimonials


Let me start by saying my name is Jack Smith, I am the founder of Unorthodox Training! I know what is taught on Unorthodox Training works because I am proof of that. The Unorthodox Training program is something I originally created for myself, tweaked, and improved upon until I came up with this program. I still continue to add and change things within the program! As you can see in the before and after photos below they are both pictures of me! In the before photo, I am overweight and weighed around 215 pounds. In the after photo, I weighed in at 133 pounds. Health and fitness are something you make part of your lifestyle, results don’t come overnight, it takes time but the end result can be truly amazing.

Jack Before

Jack After

*Please note that everyone doesn’t lose weight, build muscle, or get their desired physique in the same amount of time as each person’s body due to genetics, nutrition, and exercise routines can change differently when making various transformations.*

Ashley’s Testimonial

Here’s Ashley’s story:

I had never been to a normal gym before, so I didn’t know what to do or how to split my workout. I like to do things like go hiking, go shopping at shopping centers, and play soccer.

It’s hard for me to compare Unorthodox Training to anything else because I have never used any other health and fitness memberships or apps. However, I really like Unorthodox Training because it’s so simple to understand and because they have helped a lot of people gain a better understanding and actually take action towards improving health and fitness so that you can make it a part of your regular lifestyle!

One of the most important things that helped me was being told what I should do and splitting up my workouts.

When I was working out at a high level, I didn’t lift very heavy. I can see that I’m getting stronger now that I’m working out with progressive loads. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of what I eat, and I’m fairly strict about it! I try to eat only whole foods (Through the Unorthodox Training membership program, I learned cutting out preserved foods was beneficial). There are still times when I enjoy chocolate or a cheat meal though.

At first, I could only squat 40kg, but now I can do 70kg for two reps. Fixing my posture is still some time! In the beginning, I did the overhead press with 5kgs each. Now, I do it with 8kgs x12! I work out so hard because I have finally learned what I need to do in a format that is easy to follow because of joining Unorthodox Training Membership, and I have set realistic goals for myself. My current goal is to get my body fat down to 13%. To keep things steady after that, I might try to gain more muscle and strength.

Ashley’s words of advice:

Don’t worry too much about it, just go through the program and follow what you learn! Play around a little to make the program fit your lifestyle in a way that makes it sustainable for you so you can achieve your goals. Also, nutrition plays a massive role in your health and fitness so that part of the membership was extremely helpful for helping me to better understand how different macronutrients help to fuel my body.

Here’s Mark’s Story:

Mark’s Before (left side), and After (Right Side) Photos.

In order to lose weight, Mark was having a hard time with his nutrition. He was used to eating more than he should for the fitness goals he set for himself. He joined the Unorthodox Training membership program, he trusted the process which is laid out in the program, and he has had fantastic results on his journey so far losing over 50 pounds.

The Unorthodox Training membership program is built well and very educational even for people who have never lifted before. It will teach you how to do the exercises the right way with proper form and there’s plenty of nutritional information to help guide you in the right direction. In addition to the training videos and workout routines, there are also tools and resources in the membership that can be helpful for staying on track to reach your health and fitness goals. I learned how to measure everything and understand my macros, which is one of the most important things that have helped me with my transformation.

Mark’s Words of Advice:

Set realistic goals for yourself in increments. For example, lose 10 pounds, once you achieve that set a new goal that is achievable. Once you accomplish enough of your little goals that will add up to a major difference. Too many people act like it’s a race but in reality it’s a lifelong journey adapting and developing habits and routines as part of your life. Lastly, if you want to have better long-term health, make health and fitness a part of your daily life.

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