Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, & Potato Bowl Recipe



This turkey sausage, egg, whites, and potato bowl recipe clocks in at 250 calories (250 kcals) per serving, this recipe is for 1 serving. The amount of protein in this meal for the low amount of calories is what makes this recipe better. The 92g of egg whites pack 10g of protein combined with the 11g of protein from the turkey sausage that makes it 21g of protein, then the red potato will add another 3g of protein making the protein total around 24 grams.



  • ▢ 92g Liquid Egg Whites
  • ▢ 100g red potato
  • ▢ 56g JENNIE-O® All Natural Turkey Sausage

Instructions for making Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, & Potato Bowl

  • Chop red potato into bite sized pieces and bake in an oven at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes until they are as soft and golden as you like them.
  • Meanwhile, in a skillet add your turkey sausage and cook thoroughly.
  • Add your 92 grams of egg whites to the skillet with the turkey sausage and cook them until they form into scrambled egg whites with the turkey sausage.
  • Mix your potatoes, and scrambled egg whites with turkey sausage in a bowl and enjoy.

Depending on your macros you may choose to add some salsa cook some spinach to add to the bowl or whatever you want but those are optional and aren’t calculated in the recipe.

The calorie totals are based off the information provided on the labeling for the products so be sure to check your products and serving sizes for accurate serving size and nutritional information.

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