Turkey Meatball Wrap Recipe


(Please note this image is slightly different than the recipe as there are a few different ways you can make this wrap or some different toppings that can be added to this wrap.)

This is a fairly quick recipe, 1 turkey meatball wrap packs 265 calories and contains around 18g of protein.


6 Turkey Meatballs (For this recipe we used Bremer frozen turkey meatballs)

56.5g Marinara sauce

Mission Carb Balance Tortilla

Instructions for the turkey meatball wrap:

Cook meatballs in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes depending if you preheat the oven or not. Check often to see if they are golden to your liking and fully cooked enough for you.

Add marinara sauce in a sauce pan on the stove and warm it up.

Warm tortilla in microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Add 6 meatballs to the tortilla and measure 56.5g of pasta sauce onto the meatballs within the tortilla.

Then Enjoy!

Ideally making fresh meatballs from scratch is ideal because of less preservatives and such, however it’s nice to have fairly healthy options readily available for times when you have more limited time available.

If you have calories or macronutrients available you could add some vegetables as toppings to this or another popular topping is melting some pepper jack cheese on this wrap but the important thing is to make sure you track your macros before making additions.

Remember to check your measurements and the brands you use to determine a more accurate nutritional information total to make sure you fit your macronutrients. Different food brands and products can vary so being sure to double-check ingredients used is important.

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