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We have researched over 300 celebrities’ workouts and diets, and based on that information gained over 500 routines were created based on the data. We used this data to create workouts and nutritional content for your favorite celebrities, favorite athletes, and fictional characters. A wealth of information on nutrition is also available on our website. If you become an Unorthodox Training member an even greater amount of information, tools, resources, and workouts will be available to you through our membership program.


Good health is dependent on being able to effectively control one’s food intake and overall nutrition. Disease or illnesses may be preventable by a healthy well-balanced diet. You can help your body deal with a chronic illness more effectively by eating the correct nutrients. Maintaining or improving your health can be achieved by learning about appropriate nutrition and paying attention to what you put in your mouth.

What Is Good Nutrition?

The way we get fuel is through food and nutrition. This gives us the energy we need for our bodies. Every day, we need to give our bodies a new source of nutrients. Water is an important part of a healthy diet. Fats, proteins, and carbs are all needed these are often called macronutrients. It’s also important to keep your vitamins and minerals in good shape to keep your health in good shape, as well. Pregnant women and people over 50 should think about vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron when they choose what to eat and what to take for their health.

A healthy diet has a lot of natural foods in it. Fruits and vegetables should make up a large part of a healthy diet, especially ones that are red, orange, or dark green. Whole grains, like whole wheat and brown rice, should also be a part of your food. There should be no fat or very little fat in dairy products for people over the age of 18. Lean meat and poultry, eggs, legumes and soy products like tofu can all be sources of protein. So can seeds and nuts that haven’t had salt added.

Good nutrition also means not eating certain kinds of food. People who have high blood pressure should not eat a lot of food that has a lot of sodium in it. The USDA says that adults should not eat more than 300 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol a day (found in meat and full-fat dairy products among others). Fried food, solid fats, and trans fats found in margarine and processed foods can harm your heart. This is because they can make heart disease more likely to happen. It’s also bad for long-term health to eat refined grains like white flour and rice, as well as refined sugar like table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. People with diabetes should avoid these foods, too. More than one alcoholic drink a day for women and two drinks per day for men can be bad for your health.

Restrictive diets are not sustainable!

The reason so many new, fad diets, or diet trends become known or popular is because many people yo-yo diet meaning they jump from diet to diet or that they diet and then binge eat. This impacts the human body in different ways whether it be muscle loss, weight gain, or some other effect that is caused. Having a balanced diet that meets the nutritional needs for your fitness goals can be beneficial and more sustainable.

Combining good nutrition with a good fitness routine or working out regularly allows people to strive towards their various health and fitness goals. We have created a variety of different workouts as well as our membership program because variety can help keep things interesting or make it more fun. This makes it so that people take action and hold themselves accountable for achieving their health and fitness goals. It also offers a variety for the resources available to you. Maybe you don’t have a full gym, maybe you have limited or no equipment. Say for instance you want to get a workout in but are on vacation without access to equipment, then we have body weight workouts available as well so that you can exercise without any equipment.

Through the use of science and methods that have been used long-term we can refine routines that suit ourselves to achieve our health and fitness goals. Unorthodox Training uses science and a mixture of proven methods for various health and fitness goals. If you browse Unorthodox Training or become a member of our membership program you will quickly realize we have created a comprehensive website and program in regards to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

We have conducted a great deal of research in many different areas of nutrition, health sciences, fitness, and exercise science. You will see information on this site or in our membership program regarding fasting, intermittent fasting, along with different nutritional guidelines meant to help educate others in a manner that is meant to help people take action and work towards their health and fitness goals. Different workout splits, and different cardio and strength training methodologies have been tested in combination with balanced diets based on macronutrient and calorie intake for different individuals.

Using our research and education we have done a great deal and continue to improve and make our website and our membership program one of the best programs available. Combine this with the fact that we make our program affordable for many people and a variety of different people who live different lifestyles and you quickly learn that Unorthodox Training is one of the elite health and fitness websites and membership programs available online. We have helped military service members with their nutrition and fitness so that they can make weight and improve their physical training scores.

You ideally want to be eating more nutritious whole foods and cut back on sugar-filled foods, and processed foods. I’m not saying you can’t have sugar-filled foods or processed foods, however ideally to get into a trend of better nutrition to build as part of your lifestyle you typically want to cut back on those types of foods and drinks. In addition to sugar-filled foods and processed foods, alcohol is another big part of why people struggle with their nutrition and fitness goals as alcohol contains many calories sometimes. Many people oftentimes like to eat after drinking alcohol, at this point they often have less willpower to choose healthy foods because their judgment may be impaired, so they eat unhealthy foods.

Let’s dive a little further into the nutritional information we believe in here at Unorthodox Training!

Let’s start with the basics.

The two most important nutritional factors that will determine your success in altering your body composition (building muscle or losing fat) are:

  • Your overall calorie intake
  • The macronutrient distribution of your calorie intake (macronutrients I am talking about are fats, carbohydrates and protein.)

For those who are unaware, “macros” or “macronutrients” are just what makes up calories and can be categorized into 3 main groups:

  • Carbohydrates: This macronutrient acts as your body’s main fuel source, especially during your workouts. This is why carbohydrates should be timed around your workout, some diets will require you to restrict these. As mentioned previously I am not the biggest fan of too many restrictions as the more restrictions put in place make nutrition unsustainable.
  • Protein: This macronutrient kickstarts muscle protein synthesis (the building of muscle and repair of muscle). It also functions as the most satiating macronutrient, so if you’re in a calorie deficit, it will help you to stick to your calories and macros more easily. If you’re in a calorie surplus, you may want to shoot for the lower range of your recommended daily protein to prevent you from feeling too full or becoming bloated (this is often referred to as meat sweats).
  • Fat: This macronutrient supports normal hormone production (testosterone for males and estrogen for females), and is not the main macronutrient of focus around the workout, as having a high-fat meal before your workout can cause stomach upset and discomfort during the workout. However, we still need sufficient fats for optimal hormonal function. Healthy fats can be satiating and in moderation offers health benefits as mentioned with hormone production and function.

Nutrition tracking is a means of tracking calories and macronutrient totals so that we can stay with our ranges to work towards our goals. Some people like to use apps like MyFitnessPal or some like to stick with pen and paper. Members of Unorthodox Training will have access to downloadable logs to help them track this information. This helps us to keep within our nutritional intake meant for the goals we have set for ourselves.

How to Start Tracking Nutrition and Calories

It might be a little frustrating to get used to at first if you’ve never done it, but after a short period of time (a couple of weeks) of doing it then it will take just 10 minutes out of your day to do and will help make a difference in your journey towards your health and fitness goals.

To track your calories, download the app called “MYFITNESSPAL” (iOS link here and android link here).

This is consider the most complete calorie-tracking app out there. It’s essentially a database of thousands of different types of foods and food brands so that you can easily keep track and monitor what you’re eating everyday. You can also scan barcodes on food packages as well. I highly suggest downloading this app and familiarizing yourself with it – it’s something that has helped many people with their health and fitness logging efforts. *Remember to make sure you are selecting the right serving sizes and measuring and weighing your food to be sure you are staying within your necessary nutritional intake to achieve your goals.

Based off your different goals your overall calorie and macronutrient intake goals will be different. We have created calculators to help people with different goals. We have the free Unorthodox Training Target Date Weight Loss Calculator and the Unorthodox Training Health & Fitness Calculator. These calculators can help you determine your calories for weight-loss in a given time period, please use responsibly and lose weight safely. Also these calculators can help you determine macronutrient goals for your goals.

Optimizing nutrition in combination with fitness allows us to produce the desired results towards the health and fitness goals we set for ourselves. Typically as far as macronutrients go, we put more emphasis on total calories and protein intake. While carbohydrates and fats play a role protein and total calories are generally the two more important figures for achieving your health and fitness goals.

We have more health, nutrition, fitness, workouts and exercise resources and training available in our membership. If you have struggled to stick with a program, have struggled to lose weight, can’t seem to gain muscle mass or constantly find yourself jumping from one diet to the next then the Unorthodox Training membership program may be a good fit for you. Our training has helped many people finally make sense and implement health and fitness routines that are sustainable for themselves and their desired goals.

The search box on this page can be used to find more information that may not be as readily visible. We may have other scientific information regarding nutrition on our blog and the search box can help you potentially find more information to assist you in regards to nutrition. The information may be able to help you so that you can optimize your nutrition to adopt as part of your lifestyle.

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