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Each branch of the U.S. Military requires physical fitness tests for its members. This is an important part of service members’ health and wellness, as well as overall military training and job specialization. Furthermore, each branch designates passing standards for their personnel when performing these fitness tests to remain in good standing. If you are already in the military and unaware of what the current physical training test requirements are or considering joining one of the military branches, this article offers a comprehensive summary of each fitness test for the various armed forces branches and its requirements.


Military Physical Test Requirements By Military Branch Updated For 2022

The Unorthodox Training Membership Program provides a module geared towards helping military service members meet or improve in required criteria such as height and weight standards and physical fitness. Keep scrolling down until you find the branch of service you are looking for physical fitness requirements for. The different branches of service have different requirements for their fitness test and the scoring or requirements vary as well.

On this page, we will provide links and information for service members or those interested in joining the armed forces so that they can see the physical training requirements for the various branches of service.

U.S. Army

The Army has the ACFT Training Program which consists of 6 events.

  1. Maximum deadlift: proper deadlift of weight ranging from 140 to 340 pounds for three repetitions.
  2. Standing power throw: proper throw of 10-pound medicine ball overhead and backwards for greatest distance.
  3. Hand release push-ups: proper push-up form and execution for as many as possible in two minutes.
  4. Sprint-drag-carry: proper completion of five 25-meter dash shuttles in order, including sprint, 90-pound sled-drag, carry of 40-pound kettlebells, laterals, and final sprint.
  5. Leg tuck: from straight arm hang, lift knees to touch elbows up to 20 repetitions.
  6. Two-mile timed run: two-mile run on inside or outside track with maximum time of 21 minutes.

The scoring chart for the ACFT can be found here: U.S. Army ACFT

U.S. Navy

The Navy PRT Standards scoring charts can be found here: Navy PRT Scoring Chart for males and females

U.S. Marine Corps

The U.S. Marine Corps Scoring Charts for males and females can be found here: Physical Fitness Scoring charts for USMC

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force Latest Physical Training Scoring Charts can be seen here: U.S. Air Force Physical Training Test Scoring

U.S. Coast Guard

Scoring/ Requirements chart for the U.S Coast Guard males and females Fitness Test are located here: U.S Coast Guard Fitness Test Scoring Charts

Each branch of the U.S. military has always emphasized physical fitness as part of its members’ overall training. Recently, there have been many changes in the U.S. military’s approach to assessing and incorporating physical fitness. These goals are to benefit individual service members within their programs. Though the Space Force is a branch of the military, it is not represented in this article because they are still in the early stages of developing their military branch, and not as many details are publicly available at this time. We will work to update this page and the corresponding linked pages as soon as any other updates are made aware to us.

If you are also curious about the height and weight standards for the various military branches you can read more about that here: Military Height and Weight Standards

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