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The workout we have come up with today to post is the Kitana Workout! This one is inspired by the physique that Kitana has in the Mortal Kombat Video Game. Don’t forget that nutrition plays an important role when striving to achieve various fitness and strength goals!

Research process for celebrities/characters/etc:

When we are researching workouts for different anime characters, celebrities, cartoon characters, athletes, politicians, etc… We go through a fairly large deep dive into the data we can find available through books, movies, comic books, interviews, articles that have been written, and we often even reach out to contact the individuals to gather data if at all possible. Then using our education and knowledge we formulate workout information based on what the research and outreach information obtained.

Kitana Stats:

Height: 5’9
Weight: 128 lbs
(Information retrieved from Wikipedia.)


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Kitana Workout:

Training Volume:

5+ days per week


Kitana is a 10,000 year old assassin and step daughter to Shao Kahn.  We’re going to be using the schedule I shared for Liu Kang (lover and one of the strongest MK characters), with a downscale on the bodyweight movements and addition for agility training.  As I said in the Liu Kang workout, you can utilize the calisthenics and cardio schedule, or the Deathstroke workout programmed from Coach Derek (or go back and forth).

Kitana Calisthenics and Cardio Workout Schedule

Cardio Vocab:

HIIT Training –

1 min on: Sprint at 6.5-10 mph

1 min off: Walk on 2.5-3.5mph

Distance Training –

Jog: Basic long distance run

Row: Basic long distance row

Calisthenics Workout:

100 Air Squats

100 Push Ups

75 Sit Ups

75 Leg Raises

75 Dips

50 Pull Ups

50 Plank to Push Ups

Agility Circuit for Calisthenics Day:

3 Rounds for Time:

30 Seconds of Battle Ropes

30 Meter Sled Push

30 Box Jumps

30 Meter Farmer’s Carry

30 Meter Back and Forth Sprint

30 Meter Tire Flip

Liu Kang Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Bodyweight and 10-20 minutes of HIIT

Tuesday: 1600 meter distance training

Wednesday: Bodyweight and 30 minutes of HIIT

Thursday: 3200 meter distance training

Friday: Bodyweight and 10-20 minutes of HIIT

Saturday and Sunday: Active Off Days (Feel free to add in calisthenics)

Kitana Workout: Deathstroke Variation
Day 1: Functional Strength

Dynamic Warm up:

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Seal Jacks

10 Lunges per leg

10 Squat to stand

10 Shoulder Rotations

10 Ice Skaters

30 Second Sprint in place  and Sprawl

30 second Scorpion Stretch each side

Equipment Required for this Mission

Heavy Dumbbells, Kettlebell , Med Dumbbells

Mirakuru treatment One : Diagnose

Heavy Dumbbell required  for entire circuit

Repeat 3 times

Single arm press Right side: 30 Seconds

Single arm press Left Side 30 Seconds

Chest Flys 30 Seconds

Dumbbell Crush Press 30 Seconds

active rest 1 minute

Mirakuru treatment Two: Inject

Kettlebell, Heavy and Medium Dumbells required

Repeat 3 Times

Suitcase Deadlifts using Heavy weight 30 seconds

Alternating Lunge with Twist ( holding Kettlebell or Med Weight) 30 Seconds

Zercher Squat (holding Kettlebell or Med Weight) 30 Seconds

Side to Side Burpees (using only bodyweight) 30 Seconds

Active rest 1 Minute

Mirakuru treatment Three:  Surge

Medium Dumbbell or Kettlebell Required

Repeat 3 times

With Kettlebell or Med Dumbbell Single arm swing Right Side- 30 seconds

With Kettlebell or Med Dumbbell Single arm swing Left  Side- 30 seconds

With Kettle Bell Single Arm row Right Side with Right leg lifted 30 Seconds

With Kettlebell or Med.Dumbbell Single Arm Row Left Side with Left leg lifted 30 seconds

Active Rest 1 minute

Mirakuru treatment Four:  Effects

Medium Dumbbells required  for entire circuit:

Repeat 3 Times

Alternating Over head press -30 Seconds

Alternating Dumbbell Rows 30 Seconds

Triple Crush (Clean, press, overhead tricep extension ) 30 Seconds

Dumbbell Wrist Curls (for wrist strength to hold sword ) 30 Seconds

Active rest 1 minute

Mirakuru Treatment Five Afterburn

Finish off with 30 seconds of each  bodyweight exercise

1 arm or regular push ups

1 arm or regular  pull ups

Day 2: The Way of the Warrior : Sword Training & MMA

Swords are traditionally  a double-handed weapon. A lot of the sword’s power comes from the push-pull action between two hands on the sword’s hilt. The two-handed grip drives the primary motion of the weapon that is then followed through by the arms, shoulders and the rest of the body. Choke up on the grip .

You can use a real sword, Boken (practice sword ) broom handle, hockey stick, baseball bat, or even a crowbar.

Practice your angle attacks

1: Slashing down at top of a “x” angle  25 reps

2: Following through from your 1 bringing to opposite shoulder and cutting down in backhand motion into other top of “x” 25 reps

3 cutting across waist level as if to make a + sign -25 reps

4 cutting back across backhanded the way you just came in with the 3  . 25 reps

5 Stabbing straight (fencing like ) motion 25 reps

Power strike: (works Legs , Glutes , Back Shoulders , Arms)

Hold sword in front of hips, pointing down, with right hand on the sword’s ridge and left hand just above it. Lunge forward with right foot and turn left toes out. Inhale as you raise arms overhead, bending elbows so sword is parallel to your back. Exhale as you rotate torso to the left and extend arms, striking sword down to the left . Raise sword to starting position and repeat, rotating to the right, to complete 1 rep. Do 10 reps; switch legs halfway through set.

Fighter stance:  (Works Legs Glutes and Core) Hold sword with right hand on the ridge in front of chest, left hand open and above left shoulder. Stand with feet wide, knees slightly bent, and inhale Exhale as you step right foot back at a diagonal to the left and squat. Step back to starting position; repeat. Do 10 reps, then switch legs to complete set.

Roundhouse and front kicks  holding sword  (works core, legs balance and hips)  25 Each Leg

Assassin Abs (works core shoulders , biceps) Sit with knees bent, ankles crossed, and feet on the ground. Hold sword at chest height in front of you, pointing down, right hand on the ridge and left hand above it. Inhale as you bring arms overhead, bending elbows so sword is parallel to your spine  Exhale as you lean back and uncross
ankles, extending arms and legs at a 45-degree angle in front of you .Return to starting position and repeat for 30  seconds.

MMA Training Drills:

Solo Drills

Ground and Pound:

Use a heavy bag or kicking shield on the ground in mount position, keeping weight and chin down ,  unload for extended periods with variety of strikes , mix up rhythm  , posturing up , staying low etc

Guard Striking:

Hold the top of a heavy bag between your legs on your back in the Guard position, Practice various strikes, sweeps to get into side control or mount etc

Shoot for Double Leg

In your ready stance with lead leg, push your front knee and hip forward until your front knee touches the ground and rear knee is in a driving / straight motion

Partner Drills:

Should ONLY be done with a trained partner ( your own Billy Wintergreen or Shado ) in a safe environment not recommended for garage , living room etc.

Big Glove / Little Glove(Advanced Dill)

Partner A wears 16 oz Boxing Gloves  , Partner B wears 4 oz MMA gloves

Each Partner can strike lightly but partner A because of the bulky Boxing Gloves must avoid being taken down.  while Partner B must avoid Partner A’s blows and try to get in to execute a full takedown

Double Underhook Swing Drill: (Beginner to Intermediate Drill)

Grab your partner in a front bearhug with your arms under theirs , lift your partner and swing them side to side in a pendulum motion

Bear Crawl and Frog Hop Drill: (Beginner to Intermediate Drill)

Face your partner, have their legs wide open enough for you to bear crawl through, stand up behind them , then have them lean over as you frog hop (leapfrog) over them


Day 3: Mercenary Endurance

Equipment Required

Heavy Dumbbell , Med  Dumbbell ( or Kettle bell) Bodyweight

Warm up:

5 minutes of Jump rope, light Jog  or Heavy bag


Do 45- 60 seconds of each exercise one after another   with 2 minutes rest between rounds , Do entire circuit three times

Heavy Dumbbells : Dumbbell Deadlift to Curls

Bodyweight: Side to side Burpees

Bodyweight :V-Ups

Bodyweight :Knee Tap Burpees

Med Dumbbell : Alternating reverse lunge to knee strike

Bodyweight: Double Push Up Burpees

Kettle bell or Med Dumbbell swings

Bodyweight: Quad Thrust Burpees

Med Dumbbells : Alternating Side to Side Lateral Raises

Bodyweight : Alternating Kick Thru Toe Touch Burpees

Day 4 Assassin Speed and Agility

You can’t be the World’s greatest Assassin without speed & agility

Agility Ladders are a fun  & inexpensive way to forge both

Warm up 

50 yard sprints 4 times

Tip: On certain  ladder drills DON’T LOOK  DOWN AT YOUR FEET you know where your feet are. look straight ahead and use your peripheral vision. But once you get the hang of the movements, try going through  the circuits  with your right eye closed to emulate Mr. Wilson.

Equipment needed :

Agility Ladder, Medicine ball or weight plate  and whatever prop used to sub for sword

The mission is to progress forward up the ladder with prescribed exercise  when reaching then end turn around and do the same thing back . Do the whole  circuit 3 times

Single leg hops between ladder spaces (do both Right and Left)

Lateral Jumps in and out of ladder spaces ( keep feet together)

Explosive Pushups between ladder spaces

Forward and backward crab walk between ladder space

Two vertical jumps between each ladder space

Sit Throughs place hand in ladder space in a one handed pushup position, kick through with same leg , )

With weighted plate or Medicine Ball (start with holding weight , feet together inside ladder jump out into a squat position landing outside the ladder)

Fast feet or football shuffles through ladder spaces

Ali shuffle while practicing  Sword 5 angle attacks

It has been said that once Deathstoke accepts a contract, he will stop at nothing to fulfill it. You’ve made it this far , this is your final hurdle to train like one of the most feared badasses  in the DC Universe,and why he is called  the Terminator  

Day 5 : Contract Fulfillment/ the Stroke of Death

Weight Required for your final assignment: Light, Med, & Heavy Dumbbells

Warm up

5 Minutes of Jump Rope, Heavy Bag , or Jog in place

Part  1 : Accept

10 Air Squats, then 10 Hindu ( or dive Bomber ) pushups, Repeat for 5 Minutes

Part 2 : Intelligence gathering

Using Med. Dumbbell

Alternating get up to 1 leg rows. Repeat  for 5 Minutes:

Start with single arm Bench press, press up over head, sit up  ( keep eyes on Dumbbell) come to a stand, lean over raise the same leg in rear ( that the weight is holding,)  do 3 rows,raise the weight over head , sit back down, and repeat on the other side

2 minutes rest

Part 3:  Strategist  

Med Dumbbells Required  for entire circuit

Piston squat (squat to overhead press) 30 Seconds

Dumbbell Squat Thrusts 30 seconds

Alternating Sumo High Pulls  30 Seconds

Dumbbell narrow pushups 30 Seconds


2 Minute rest

Part 4: Target Acquired

Medium and Light Dumbbells required

Medium Dumbbell:Alternating rear lunge to  knee strike 30 seconds

Light Dumbbells:”Y” Press ( palms in like making a muscle ) 30 seconds

Light Dumbbells : Angle Curls

Light Dumbbells: “T” lunges with reach 30 seconds

2 Minutes Rest

Part 5 : Target Terminated

Heavy Dumbbells Required

Heavy Dumbbells : Renegade row 30 seconds

Heavy Dumbbell : Power Clean 30 Seconds

Heavy Dumbbell: Push Press 30 seconds

Repeat Circuit 1 more time

Once Completed Combine all and continue for 2  minutes

Renegade rows, to Power Clean to Push press

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