Unorthodox Training Membership Features

First off let me say that Unorthodox Training was built as a way for more people to have a means of educational tools and resources to help them achieve their physique goals at a fair price. Becoming an Unorthodox Training member will grant you lifetime access to the membership program once you have paid the membership fee.

To further make our program more affordable you can choose either a single payment option to pay the lump sum amount all at once or you can choose to pay for your membership over a 3 month period (The 3 month payment plan is slightly higher because of transaction and administrative fees associated with offering a payment plan.) No recurring weekly, monthly or yearly fees after you have paid for your membership.

This immediately saves our members a large sum of money as many leading fitness programs either charge recurring fees or charge for any updates made. Our system charges a fee and then you get access for life, and you don’t have to pay anything additional once you have paid! This means you get all updates included with your membership at no additional cost! We offer a variety of training and workout methods based on your fitness goals and the equipment you have available. We have full gym workouts, we have limited equipment workouts, we have home workouts, we have bodyweight/calisthenics workouts, and much more inside the membership area.

Members get access to:

  • Access Health & Nutrition Training Modules
  • Access Fitness & Workouts Modules Based on Various Physique or Fitness Goals
  • Access the database we have built for members for random fun workouts that we created.

Member get Access to Tools & Resources We Have Developed Including:

  • The Unorthodox Training Workout Boost Tool
  • The Unorthodox Training Log and Tracking System
  • The Unorthodox Training macronutrient and calories tool
  • Unorthodox Training Cheat Sheets
  • Members get access to live events, question and answer sessions and activities that we host
  • Members get discounts for 1 on 1 coaching options we offer when we have availability. (These spots fill quickly, but members get priority over non-members and also receive a discount.)

*We are currently developing our new mobile app, this app will be available for members at no additional cost once it is complete and launches.

*We are currently working on building a members-only community as well so that members can communicate and engage with each other to help motivate each other and share information throughout their journeys. This will be included with membership as well.

Who is the membership for?

This membership is for anyone beginners or advanced levels of fitness training!

If any of the following applies to you then this membership could be for you:

  • You feel fat and want to lose weight.
  • You want to build confidence but your body or energy level prevents you from doing so.
  • You want to be able to play with your kids but lack the energy, stamina, or ability to do many of the activities.
  • You have tried countless programs that promise some “secret” formula to fitness success.
  • People have told you that you’re too old.
  • People are trying to charge you extremely high amounts or recurring fees for training.
  • You want to unlock a Superhero or “Hollywood” type of physique, like many of the celebrities in your favorite shows and movies do.
  • You feel like all the diets you try end up forcing you to give up the food you love and restrict your life.
  • You don’t have enough time to train several hours a day like many programs require.
  • You finally want to look and feel good without feeling like you are bouncing from system to system or diet to diet.
  • You want to attempt to unlock a physique like your favorite anime characters, celebrities, superhero characters.
  • You want to be able to build a routine (both your workout AND diet) around your own lifestyle and the resources you have.
  • You don’t want expensive memberships, don’t have a lot of tools and resources available.
  • If you are in the military and want to build a better physique and improve your physical training scores.
  • Willing and ready to take action towards achieving your goals!

This site is created by a military veteran who has dedicated a large portion of time to the study of sports and health sciences. We use scientific approaches combined with long-term reliable fitness training methods. We frequently update information as more science is available or as we update new workouts and such to provide variety and quality to members.

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