Emily VanCamp Workout


Emily VanCamp Workout

The workout we have come up with today to post is the Emily VanCamp Workout! This one is inspired by the physique that Emily VanCamp has built and maintained during his career. Don’t forget that nutrition plays an important role when striving to achieve various fitness and strength goals!

Research process for celebrities/characters/etc:

When we are researching workouts for different anime characters, celebrities, cartoon characters, athletes, politicians, etc… We go through a fairly large deep dive into the data we can find available through books, movies, comic books, interviews, articles that have been written, and we often even reach out to contact the individuals to gather data if at all possible. Then using our education and knowledge we formulate workout information based on what the research and outreach information obtained.

Emily VanCamp Stats:

Height: 5’8
Weight: (approximate) 130 lbs
(Information retrieved from Wikipedia.)


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Emily VanCamp Workout:

Training Volume:

3-4 days per week, 75 minutes per session


For the sample schedule I’m going to give you a plan revolving around 3-4 days per week that will look similar to how VanCamp and Fuentes were training.  Below that I’ll also be sharing the butt-blasting workout that Fuentes shared as well!

Emily VanCamp Workout: Sample Workout Routine Schedule

Monday: Pilates

Tuesday: Circuit Training

Wednesday: Active Rest Day

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Pilates and Circuits

Saturday: Active Rest Day

Sunday: Rest Day

Emily VanCamp Booty Blasting Workout

**This workout is shared from Shape.com and celeb trainer Lalo Fuentes.**

Single-Leg Reach:

1. Stand tall with one foot in the air. Once you feel comfortable and stable, reach for the tip of your standing toe with the opposite hand. While you reach, let your standing knee bend a bit, keeping your chest up while pushing your hips back. This will force your back to straighten.

2. Freeze on the bottom of the move for a quick second, squeeze your glutes, and slowly stand up. When you reach the standing position, keep your glutes squeezed, your shoulder blades together, and your palms facing forward. Complete 15 reps.

Tip: This is a great exercise to work on the insertion point between your butt and hamstrings (in other words, it will help lift your booty!).

Side Leg Raises:

1. Stand tall and extend one leg to the side as if you are kicking sideways but without kicking, just extending (kicking to the air is not beneficial for your joint muscles, and it won’t give you the time to connect with the muscles you want to work). To extend your leg, you want to bring your knee up first and then extend, toe pointing forward.

2. Once your leg is fully extended, freeze for 1 second and connect with your butt muscles on the outer side of your leg. Your arms should be in front of you and parallel to each other. Alternate legs and do 15 to 20 reps on each side.


1. Lie faceup with your arms by your sides, palms facing down, and your knees bent with your feet flat on the floor. While keeping your knees parallel to each other, lift your hips up and freeze at the top of the move, concentrating on your butt.

2. Bring your hips down, and barely touching the floor, freeze for 1 second and lift your hips again. Complete 20 reps.

Over and Over:

1. Lie on your side with your legs stacked, your bottom hand supporting your head (beach position), or your head resting on your arm. Lift your top leg up and then move your leg as far back as you can and down to almost touching the floor behind you. From there, lift and move your leg forward and down to almost touch the floor in front of your body (this move assimilates the letter U but upside down).

On every point of the move, freeze for a quick second and engage your butt to intensify the burn. Complete 20 reps (if needed, strap 2.5lbs to your ankle).

Tip: This move targets your glutes in areas that neither squats or lunges can. Fuentes uses this mostly with people who already have a good base and just need to trim the last bits to make a perfect butt.

Treading Water:

Now it’s time to hit the pool! The pool permits your body to go on angles that you can’t on the ground, and that’s why Fuentes likes to mix things up. Begin by treading water for as long as you can, then try a few variations below.

Simple Tread:

Fuentes likes to start with the famous “egg beaters” and then quickly continue with the same but with both legs moving at the same time in opposite directions. The left leg goes clockwise and the right leg counter-clockwise at the same time. While doing this, you are also working on your shoulders and triceps when you move your arms around.

Kicking with Hands Up:

This targets your glutes and core muscles in a very intense way. If your legs stop moving for a second, you will start sinking. VanCamp has been able to do this move for 15 minutes straight! It is a very difficult and challenging exercise.

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