Egg White Burritos Recipe



Today’s recipe that we are sharing with you all is extremely simple. This can be done in less than 15 minutes. One of these burritos packs 160 calories (160kcals). Be sure to check your nutrition labels on the products available to you to calculate the macronutrients accurately. Depending where you live you may have different products available to you. If you have more room in your macronutrient goals for the day maybe you want to add some vegetables or some meat to the burrito, that is up to you to fit your macronutrients in to reach your goals.


Mission carb balance tortilla (low carb tortilla) – (60 calories each)

184g egg whites (100 calories)

Salsa (usually 10-20 calories per serving depending which you buy.)


Using a skillet cook your 184g of egg whites until done.

Add the egg whites to the tortilla, you can warm the tortilla up in microwave or a skillet if you like before adding the egg whites. Top with salsa if it fits your macronutrient goals and enjoy!

If you have room in your macronutrients for the day you can add vegetables or meat if it fits your macronutrient goals and enjoy it that way as well, just remember to calculate any additional calories for the added ingredients.

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