Daredevil Workout


Daredevil Workout

The workout we have come up with today to post is the Daredevil Workout! This one is inspired by the physique that Daredevil has in the Comics. Don’t forget that nutrition plays an important role when striving to achieve various fitness and strength goals!

Research process for celebrities/characters/etc:

When we are researching workouts for different anime characters, celebrities, cartoon characters, athletes, politicians, etc… We go through a fairly large deep dive into the data we can find available through books, movies, comic books, interviews, articles that have been written, and we often even reach out to contact the individuals to gather data if at all possible. Then using our education and knowledge we formulate workout information based on what the research and outreach information obtained.

Daredevil Stats:

Height: 5’11
Weight: 185 lbs
(Information retrieved from Wikipedia.)


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Daredevil Workout:

Training Volume: 

6+ days a week


Daredevil can meditate and recover from injuries and therefore brutal training as well.  If you want to train like this hero, you’re going to have to step it up a notch.

Coach Derek has written out exact details and explanations for each part of your routine so read through carefully and have fun with it!

Day 1: The Battlin’ Murdocks /Fight like the Devil

Matt and his father were both  boxers, while its impossible and dangerous  to box blindfolded, and you are most certainly guaranteed to get injured hitting a heavy bag blindfolded, let’s focus on defensive maneuvers to  give you that  Daredevil like “Radar Sense” to avoid blows

Head Movement:

Crucial not only in Boxing, but all forms of combat. Used primarily  not just  to avoid, but to set up your strikes. A moving target is much more difficult to hit. The best way to  practice this is with an partner using pool noodles. Have your partner swing at your head in straight and curved motions, simulating straights , uppercuts and hooks  Doing this injury free drill  will assist in turning flinching into slips, Parrys, Shoulder rolls , and bob n weaves

Bob n Weave to the Right or Left

Best Used when you’re approaching  and getting into range. As soon as your opponent throws a punch, you quickly bend at the knees (not your waist) and move your head (like in a “V” or “U” shaped motion)  stepping to the outside of the punch. Remember to keep your weight centered at all times. If you’ve done it correctly, you should end up on the outside of your opponent’s punch when you come back up,


  • Off opponents’ center line
  • Able to counter quickly
  • Loaded for powerful counters


  • Not effective on straight punches
  • Wide open if faked
  • Not effective for Uppercuts or multi combos

The Parry

Slightly deflecting your opponent’s punch away with your hand using the same side (when they throw a left you Parry with your right and vise versa) Never Reach across!!

Advantages :

  • great for power , straight and long punches as well as push punchers
  • creates vulnerability for counters, make them off balance or slows down arm recovery
  • tires opponents, especially long-armed  and power-punchers
  • useful for shorter fighters to deflect punches to get inside


  • ineffective against fast/light/non-committed punches,& curved punches
  • not always effective against combinations
  • can leave you open if you get faked
  • difficult to do at close range
  • not  helpful against body punches

Shoulder Roll or Fade  Right or Left side

The shoulder roll is naturally the next step up from the parry technique. Instead of deflecting punches with your hands, you use your body now. The shoulder roll is incredibly effective because your body can roll off your opponent’s best shots with ease ,it relies on rhythm for defense while  neutralizing   entire combinations at even close range.


  • effective and easy against multiple punches
  • frees up the hands for faster counter punching
  • covers both head and body easily
  • can work when  unable to see momentarily or off-balanced
  • will deflect power  Punches even when they land
  • saves shoulder energy & gives tricky counter angles


  • ineffective/unnecessary against weaker punches  it can also leave you highly vulnerable  if you get faked and/or roll in the wrong direction
  • less effective in cross-stance , extremely vulnerable to  Leg kicks and take-downs in street, Thai Boxing or MMA

Slipping to the  Right or Left

Slipping  requires complete evasion of the punch by displacing the head or body to one side, MOSTLY by going to the outside of the oncoming punch,in a” V” step ice skating motion. .

Slipping is the best way (sometimes the only way) to counter against really fast opponents. On occasion  it’s the only way to close distance against a taller opponent, .


  • hands and body completely free to counter instantaneously
  • creates huge vulnerabilities in opponent (they are wide open after missing)
  • avoids punch entirely, no contact (assuming slip was successful  )
  • create escapes (great way to escape when trapped in the corner)
  • allows you to advance  forward while defending
  • complete evasion easily breaks your opponent’s punching rhythm (combo-breaker)
  • Used to set up position for counters


  • requires lots of practice and skill
  • highly vulnerable if caught or faked
  • not recommended against multiple punches
  • ineffective  against body punches

Now that we have a basic understanding, work them into your shadowboxing, focus mitt  or heavy bag session. Remember your striking table

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Hook
  4. Uppercut
  5. Left Upper Cut
  6. Right upper cut

Now work on:

Slip left, slip right

Bob n weave Left  then Right

Slip Left, shoulder roll left, bob n weave left,  repeat on other side.

Now add strikes, using your movement to position you.

1-2-1-2 slip Left, Slip Right

1- Shoulder roll Right -2-3-2

Bob n weave Right- 6-3-2

1- slip Left

2 -slip Right

1-2-3-4- bob n weave Right

3- bob n weave Left-3

2- slip Right -2

1-parry Right -2 Parry Left -shoulder roll Right -2

1-2-1-2- shoulder roll Right- 2-3

1-2-3 Slip Left , Rear Slip Left-Shoulder roll Left

Parry Left-2- Bob N weave Right-2-3

Slip Left -5-4-3

The best defensive technique?

Like the Super Soldier Serum, it does not exist. Use the one that fits your situation and  feels the most natural in that moment. If you have to think about it too much, its not natural. Evade your opponent’s punches any way that you can and be sure to counter immediately  Different techniques will work against different opponent’s styles. Great Fighters are forever adapting their offense to get around opponents defense, so keep changing up your defensive game  to keep up

Day 2: Full Body Training

Warm up:

3 x 6 Minute rounds on Heavy bag

Equipment needed: 

Medicine ball, Swiss Ball, Med to Heavy Dumbbells

Half Kneeing Overhead medicine ball slam:

Hold a medicine ball over your head . put your Right knee forward and your Left knee on the ground, brace your core and explosively slam the ball against the wall, catch the ball, switch legs and repeat

3 times 10 each leg

Box Jumps or tuck jumps

3 x 8

With Weights:

Goblet squat with Heavy weight  3×8

Sitting on Swiss  Lat Pull downs  ( or Shoulder Press)  with Medium Dumbbell 3×8

Swiss ball lying bench press with Med or Heavy Dumbbell 3×8

Lying Swiss ball hip Bridges 3×8

Using Bodyweight :

12 minute Tabata

Sprint 30 seconds

Inchworms 30 seconds

Day 3: Baton And Grappling

Billy Club or Baton Basics:

When deploying  club don’t flail, Keep club up by shoulder (hands  in a boxing stance )  keep club close  to body

Without winding up ,Strike down ,at an angle Using rotation of shoulder and power from the hips   immediately bringing the  club back to starting position at shoulder after impacting  not following through the swing .

Swinging backhand not recommended as you can get jammed up in close quarters

Main targets should be shoulder, elbow, ribs and knees Do not strike at head as it could potentially be lethal

Blindfolded or eyes closed Grappling basics

What is  needed to fight are the ability to See, Think and Breathe

Grappling is a small component of fighting and can be done safely with eyes closed or blindfolded in a controlled manner

Both partners start either blindfolded or eyes closed  start from their knees. using touch , sticking control and sensitivity  work to get your opponent into a dominant top position (Mount, or cross body/Side Control)

If partner A gets top position , keep your chin & weight down and try to keep / maintain top position. Partner B on bottom should bridge hips, try to trap top person’s limbs and use shrimping to get partner A into guard position or escape.

Day 4 : Endurance & Stamina

Muscle Endurance is a key element in fighting. On this day, use little to no rest  to fatigue muscle groups

Warm up:

5  x 50 yard wind sprints

50 crunches

50 leg raises

Muscle Endurance –  Equipment Needed :  Light & Medium  Dumbbells

Asymmetrical Training  Using Med Dumbbell,   ( works Bicep , Lats , Forearms) Option A, 12 Reps , Option B, 30  seconds  . On one arm,  do a bicep curl  , then wide row   , Switch to other arm when completed

Using Light Dumbbells ( 10-15 libs max) Lateral Raise , hold at the top for 30 seconds , when complete , perform forward raise , hold at the top for 30 seconds

Shadowboxing using light weights : (Builds shoulder endurance as  gravity works downwards , use your Delts to help keep punches straight  ,  stay in place and hone your punches or move around to add footwork

(option A 30 seconds, option B, 1 minute)

Speed Squats (using light dumbbells )  Hold light dumbbells at chin level in a boxing stance, squat deep for 30 seconds, when time’s completed , stay in low squat position and hop staying low for 30 seconds

 Muscle Stamina:

-Equipment needed: Medicine ball

Now Hold Medicine Ball in a fighters stance ( have a lead leg ) do 4  small lunges per leg

Hold Medicine ball over your head  with straight arms do Oblique Pendulums  for 8 reps

Bob N weave 4 High , 4 Low

Sprawl 4 reps

For round 1: do two circuits of all stamina exercises

Round 2: Do three circuits of all stamina exercises

Round 3: Do Four circuits of all stamina exercises

Day 5: Resistance & Grip Training

If you plan on emulating Daredevil’s swinging/ climbing you will need to work grip training and resistance.

Warm up

3 x 5 minute rounds on Heavy bag

Equipment needed:

Resistance Bands, Medium Dumbbells

Rope Climbs ( if unable to do , tie rope to a secure area and play tug of war for 30 seconds

Tie a resistance band to a pole, tree or post grab an end with both hands with your back facing the post

Standing chest press 20 reps

Lunges (same grip as above ) 20 reps

Standing row with Resistance band ( facing post now )  20 reps

Straight Punches 20 Each arm

Secure one end of resistance band to post and the other to your ankle

20 knee strikes per leg

Remove resistance band,  wrap around  your back, grab dumbbells

you should be holding Dumbbell & end of resistance band

20 alternating chest press (laying On floor  )

20 Standing rotating bicep curl ,(at top rotate palms out, go back down repeat ,)

20 Pushups with Resistance  band

20  standing crunches With Resistance band

Day 6: Agility & Parkour – The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Warm up: 5 -15 Minute Jog

Ricochets for 7 minutes ( find a medium sized square or rectangle shape, jump all around feet together ,various directions  inside of square  , side to side back & forth , trace the square etc )

Find a playground or someplace safe to attempt

Forward Walking Lunge 10 per leg

Wall Handstands 30 seconds

Frog/ Long Jumps 30 seconds

Squat to explosive pull up:  Get into a squat stance (knees bent) under a pull up bar, swing set or whatever is being used to execute a  pull up, Explosively jump up and catch bar, do one pull up and let go  dropping into squat stance  10 reps

Air Squats 30 reps

Balance on 1 leg , as long as you can hold, repeat on other side

Monkey Plant -go to a wall or obstacle around waist level or higher, , place both palms on surface and lift yourself using your legs  to fully stand on obstacle – 10  reps

Jump to soft landing, jump off box, allotted steps or other knee high  items, try to land as softly and quietly as possible – 5 to 7 reps

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