Cilantro & Lime Rice Recipe



This recipe is fairly simple, but can be a great way to help add flavor to rice so that you aren’t constantly eating plain rice to achieve the results that you want. This recipe doesn’t add a lot of calories but it can help add a good bit of flavor to a food that is generally fairly plain. Cilantro has about 5 calories (5kcals) per 20 grams, and lime juice from 1 lime is approximately 1-2 ounces which is about 16 calories (16kcals). The calorie calculations for these were based on the United States Department of Agriculture food data for cilantro and lime juice. Basically you are adding approximately 21 calories to your rice but it is adding a good bit of flavor in the process as well as other macronutrients.







First cook your rice according to your rice cooker or instructions on your rice package.

Then squeeze the juice from your lime and chop 20g of cilantro

Mix the cooked rice, cilantro and lime juice thoroughly in a bowl and enjoy!

This goes great in burrito bowls, with chicken or many other foods.

Remember to check the nutrition labels for the products you use to make sure the calculations for macronutrients are accurate so that you are tracking your nutrition intake in a manner that helps you achieve the results that you want. Different brands of products may have different additives or ingredients so the nutritional information may vary. With our health and fitness tracking and logging our nutritional intake can tell us information about our body through observations. For example, some people may digest rice better than others, some people may bloat more or whatever the case may be. This may be something you don’t want so by monitoring things like this it allows us to learn more about our body.

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