Aubrey Plaza Workout


Aubrey Plaza Workout

The workout we have come up with today to post is the Aubrey Plaza Workout! This one is inspired by the physique that Aubrey Plaza has built and maintained for many roles during her career. Don’t forget that nutrition plays an important role when striving to achieve various fitness and strength goals!

Research process for celebrities/characters/etc:

When we are researching workouts for different anime characters, celebrities, cartoon characters, athletes, politicians, etc… We go through a fairly large deep dive into the data we can find available through books, movies, comic books, interviews, articles that have been written, and we often even reach out to contact the individuals to gather data if at all possible. Then using our education and knowledge we formulate workout information based on what the research and outreach information obtained.

Aubrey Plaza Stats:

Height: 5’6
Weight: (approximate) 120 lbs
(Information retrieved from Wikipedia.)


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Aubrey Plaza Workout:

Training Volume:

3+ days per week


Aubrey Plaza’s physique is going to mainly come from her low body fat due to making healthy choices with her nutrition.  She also stretches and does yoga which helps with her toned stomach and physique.  I’m going to sharing a yoga workout that Jennifer Aniston uses, and then I’ll also give you some extra cardio to implement if you’d like to step up the fat burning process; and even make some recommendations on great yoga YouTube Channels!

Aubrey Plaza Workout: Sample Workout Routine Schedule

Monday: Yoga and/or Stretching

Tuesday: Cardio (if extra fat burning is needed)

Wednesday: Yoga and/or Stretching

Thursday: Cardio (if extra fat burning is needed)

Friday: Yoga and/or Stretching

Saturday: Cardio (if extra, EXTRA fat burning is needed)

Sunday: Required Off Day

Aubrey Plaza Workout: Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Workout

**This routine is shared from**

Sun Salutes

Works: Total-body, but especially arms, abs and legs.

Begin in Mountain Pose, with your feet together. Place your palms together. Close the eyes. Get centered. As you inhale, sweep the arms above the head, as you exhale, hinge at the hips forward fold. Again, inhale, keep the palms on the floor, or bring your hands up to the knees, raise your chest halfway forward, flatten your spine.

Exhale, step back to Plank, top of a push-up. Look straight ahead.

Inhale. Exhale, lower down, hugging the elbows in close to your body.

Inhale, lift the heart up, shoulders roll back away from the ears into a Cobra or Up Dog. Exhale, press back to Downward Facing Dog.

Take five deep breaths. At the end of the last exhale, look up to the hands. Step the feet to the hands. Inhale, look up. Exhale, fold down.

Inhale, press the feet into the mat and firm the thighs to rise up to Mountain Pose. Exhale, press the palms together at the heart.

Repeat five times.

Tree Pose

Works: Inner-thighs, core, and mental focus.

Place most of your weight on your right leg and draw your left heel to the inner-thigh of the right leg. Steady your gaze and connect with your breath. Keep the left knee turning out, and gently tuck your tailbone, as you extend out throughout the crown of the head.

With the hands in prayer position, press the palms together, at the same time press the inner-thigh and the sole of the foot together.

Ingber’s Yogalosophy Moves

Yogalosophy moves pair a traditional yoga pose with a toning exercise for maximal results in minimal time.

Temple Pose to Plie Squats

Works: Outer-thighs, glutes, inner-thighs.

Complete three sets, 30 seconds plus eight reps and eight mini reps.


1. Bring your feet about three-feet apart, planted on the floor with the toes turned out. Bring your palms together in prayer position, and bend both knees.

2. Sink down with the lower body as you stay lifted through the upper body.

3. Try not to sway your lower back or lean forward; tuck your tailbone under slightly. Engage your quads and your glutes.

4. Take five deep breaths.


1. Press into both heels, using your glutes to rise up. Immediately lower back down, squatting the hips eight times. Make sure to keep your knees pressing open, and your spine straight.

2. After eight, hold the hips down in Temple Pose for five breaths. Repeat eight more squats.

3. Hold the last squat, and pulse the hips down eight times.

Chair Pose to Squats

Works: Legs and glutes

Complete three sets that are 30 seconds each, plus eight reps and eight mini reps.


1. Start with your feet together. Sink down into an imaginary chair, so it is as if you were seated. Your butt and sit bones are sinking down towards your heels. Your arms are extended up towards the sky. Palms face each other or touch together.

2. Firm your triceps and send energy out through the arms, as you continue to ground down into the earth. Five breaths here, in and out of the nose. Press your feet into the floor, lead with your sternum, and rise up to standing.


1. Step the feet apart slightly, about hips-width distance, and bring your palms together at your chest. Sink the hips back into a seated position, and immediately press back up. Continue to breathe.

2. Do this eight times, then step the feet together. Back to Chair Pose.

Boat Pose to V-ups

Works: Abs

Complete eight reps, breaths, three sets

1. Come into Boat Pose by balancing on your sit bones. Extend your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor, and lift your chest and sternum upward as you gaze up.

2. Extend your legs so that your toes are at eye level. Cross your arms over your chest, and using your lower abdominal muscles, slowly lower yourself down so that your shoulders and heels are hovering a few inches off the floor.

3. Then raise back up into Boat Pose, again using your abs.

One-Arm Balance

Works: Core, abs and arms.

1. Begin in Plank position, and bring the feet together.

2. Move the right hand directly below the face.

3. Shift your body to the side, so that you are balancing on the right hand, and the outside edge of your right foot. Make sure that your feet are flexed and the underside of the waist is lifting up, so your top hip is lifting up towards the ceiling.

4. Press the bottom hand into the floor, so that you are not dumping into that right shoulder. Keep the right arm straight (but not locked). If you are super flexible to the point of hyper-extension, make sure you don’t lock your elbow. Slowly bring your body back to the center and balance it out. Repeat on the left side. Take Five breaths.

Aubrey Plaza Workout: Recommended Yoga Channels

We do have yoga videos inside our Superhero Academy you can utilize if you’re looking to jump into a more well-rounded routine (if you’d like to pair that with the other resources The Academy has, that is), but I also have some favorite Yoga YouTube Channels as well:

And, of course, there are so many more to choose from.

Aubrey Plaza Workout: Cardio for Extra Fat Burning

You definitely have a lot of options here.

Some easy recommendations would be to hop into a class like:

  • SPIN Class
  • Pilates
  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Etc.

You can also hop on cardio machines for 20-60 minutes and burn a few hundred calories.

These machines could be:

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Bike
  • Row Machine
  • Stair Master
  • And More…

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