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I am Jack Smith, and I created Unorthodox Training because I saw it as an opportunity to help more people struggling with health and fitness. I have a different style of coaching and teaching people. You will notice as you look at the website or if you become a member I have a different mentality in regards to health and fitness that works for me to help more people strive towards their goals. You will also notice that I am not exactly the typical trainer or public speaker as I am not concerned with what people say or think about me specifically. In that regard, you will notice I may use swear/curse word in some of my videos, that’s just the way I talk and I am honest with the delivery of what I am teaching or coaching. Don’t take it personally like I am cursing you or swearing at you speficially. 

If you are familiar with me you know that my main company is Gaining Greatness LLC. Unorthodox Training is part of Gaining Greatness LLC. core business! I have a degree in applied health sciences, and I am a certifed personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association, I have also completed the nutrition specialist certification and the transformation specialist certification through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). I am very qualified to coach or instruct people on basics of nutrition and health and fitness! I am a veteran of the U.S. military having served in the Army. That being said I am an entrepreneur so I have other parts to my business as well which you can see by going to GainingGreatness.com.

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