The Unorthodox Training Fitness Program is a simplified process that is easy to learn and adapt as part of your daily routine. 

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What is Unorthodox Training?

Our new one-of-a-kind fitness program provides you with a simplified approach that guides you with every step of your fitness journey so you can confidently achieve your fitness goals in less time!

Our course provides foundational information to systematically help you figure out your health and fitness goals and our method to achieve them.

Our approach is simple and easy to follow to prevent confusion or overwhelming information overload.

Our program saves our users money in comparison to many other fitness products on the market and has proven results!

Program Benefits

Develop a strong foundation

The course provides you with information to help you build a foundation for achieving your fitness goals.

Lose Weight & Body Fat

We have a portion dedicated to losing weight and reducing body fat. We have tools & resources included to help you accomplish your goal.

Gain Muscle Mass

We provide information to help you learn how to gain muscle mass, and provide tools and resources to help you with crushing this goal.

Gain Strength

We provide an educational opportunity for members to learn to increase their strength and provide tools and resources for increasing your strength.

What Member's Are Saying

Unorthodox Training taught me to set realistic goals for myself in increments. For example, lose 10 pounds, once you achieve that set a new goal that is achievable. Once you accomplish enough of your little goals it adds up to a major difference. Too many people act like it's a race but in reality it's a lifelong journey adapting and developing habits and routines as part of your life.

Mark J.

Don't worry too much about it, just go through the Unorthodox Training program and follow what you learn! Play around a little to make the program fit your lifestyle in a way that makes it sustainable for you so you can achieve your goals. Also, nutrition plays a massive role in your health and fitness so that part of the membership was extremely helpful for helping me to better understand how different macronutrients help to fuel my body.

Ashley W.

The Unorthodox Training educational training, tools and resources in the membership area was extremely simple and helped teach me more and keep me on track to lose weight and gain confidence. The best part is I paid and don't have to pay anything else ever again for the program and it's updated frequently.

Marie R.

What's Included in The Course

Foundational Information With Tools & Resources



-Tools & Resources To Help Choose Goals

Easy To Follow Workout Program With Tools & Resources

-Workout Program

-Tools & Resources For Workouts Based on Goals

How To Put The Training & Resources Together To Keep Moving Forward

-Combine Training, Workouts, Tools & Resources To achieve results and figure out what to do next.

-Some other fun information and resources for making it sustainable for long-term use.

Hi, I'm Jack Smith

I am college educated in sports and health sciences and business. I am a certified personal trainer with multiple certifications through the International Sports Sciences Association. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army. I know Unorthodox Training Works because I originally built the program and tested it for myself. I then built the program and opened it for testing by others. Now it is a program used by thousands of people around the world, and it is a complete program with tools that are updated often.

Jack Smith

Start Achieving Fitness Results 

Pricing Options

Single Payment


Pay the $199 to gain lifetime access to Unorthodox Training Membership Program.

Payment Plan


Gain Lifetime Membership To Unorthodox Training with 3 monthly payments of $75.00.

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee!


Does This help with weight loss?

Yes, the Unorthodox Training membership has information, tools, and resources that are built to effectively simplify the process for losing weight simple.

When will i get membership access?

You should receive an email within 15 minutes of paying for membership, which will provide you with your membership login credentials. Be sure to check your spam folder in email as well to be sure. If you don't receive an email please contact us at: so then we can help get it sorted for you.

Can i get bigger muscles?

The Unorthodox Training Membership Program is built to help people achieve a variety of fitness goals! So Yes, it is built to help people gain muscle mass as well as lose weight, decrease body fat, or gain strength. Many tools and resources are provided to help you accomplish these fitness and physique goals.

is there a refund guarantee if i don't like the program?

Yes, We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! You can learn more here: Refund Policy

why does the payment plan cost more than single payment?

The reason why the payment plan cost more is because it requires more fees and administrative work for accepting multiple payments rather than just a single payment.

what does lifetime membership mean?

The Term "Lifetime" means for the life of the product. In this case you gain lifetime access to the Unorthodox Training Platform for as long as we can successful run the program.